Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Unusual way for embroidery

Imagine where you can use embroidery. You can embroider on cloth, leather, paper and even on the tree! Yes, yes, do not be surprised. Balsa wood is perfect for this.

And the embroidery can be used ... in graphic design! How is it? One of the ways - then embroidery was finished, you can made a photographic picrures, which is then incorporated into the overall pictures of graphic design. It can be part of new project such as books. It is realy unusual way for embroidery!

So, my embroidery and embroidery designs was used for a children's book design! This boock about a girl Orly. She walks in Vancouver and told for other kids your story about some places . Book belongs Lana Lagoonca.

Here is an example of the book pictures.

The book was published just a few days ago! The project is absolutly new! ​​
The illustrations in the book jast awesome!

I am realy be proud be participated in this project. I was given the honorary title of "Sponsor".

It can be found in the book and on official website of Curly Orli.

You can see and write your comments in facebook page for Curly Orli. If you really like it, You can buy this book ( see link on the official website).

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wedding gifts (Свадебные подарочки)

Что-то мне последнее время везет на свадебные события.
Было дело недавно, когда моя знакомая попросила меня сделать открытку к Свадьбе. Вот такая получилась она у меня:

Задействовала и бумагу, и вышивку, и стразы Сваровски. Открытка объемная получилась! Заказчице очень понравилась она.

А теперь вот самой подарок срочно надо было сделать.

Сделала открытку

и настенное панно.

В панно вложила некий символический смысл:

Центр композиции - лебеди - это сама пара.

Лотос на языке цветов означает - счастье, здоровье, долгая жизнь, мудрость. Лотос принято дарить только хорошо знакомым людям в знак родственных и дружеских чувств. Лотос, как и белая лилия в христианстве, символизирует плодородие и чистоту. Поэтому вверху - написаны слова благословения.

Птички на листочках - это детки, которые уже есть в семье. Причем, птички разные. Это девочка и мальчик.

Журавли несут в розовых платочках новое пополнение в это семейство - двух девчонок!

Вот такой вот получился семейный портрет в интерьере! :)

Панно можно повесить на стену. Сделала для этого простые но специальные бантики-держалочки. Т.е. можно прикрепить к стенке крючки и повесить панно на них, зацепив за петелку.

Friday, August 26, 2011


I really like cutwork!

My friend Alina present me her cutwork design. She made curwork vest.

I decidid do a cutwork colar. It assembled from 32 flower pieses.

I would like say thanks fol Alina's design!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Embroidered Candle

This progect was created www.emblibrary.com

Supplies Needed:
**Pillar candle
**Tulle or organza fabric(choose a color that closely matches the candle)
**Medium-weight cutaway stabilizer
**Temporary spray adhesive
**Heavy weight water-soluble stabilizer (we prefer Sulky Ultra Solvy)
**Permanent multi-purpose spray adhesive
**Paper towels
**Scotch tape

To begin, create a paper
template of the design by
printing it at full size. Position
the template on the candle
where you want it. Make sure
the design fits well on the

Cut a piece of fabric and heavyweight
water-soluble stabilizer
(WSS) a bit larger than your
hoop. Be sure to choose fabric
that closely matches the color
of the candle. This will help the
edges of the fabric blend in well
when it is glued onto the
candle. Spray the WSS with a
quick shot of temporary
adhesive and smooth the fabric
on top.

Flip the fabric and stabilizer
over so that the stabilizer is
right side up. Placing the
stabilizer on top helps keep the
edges of the stitching
clean. Hoop the stabilizer and
fabric together.

Attach the hoop to the machine,
load the design, and begin

When the design has finished,
trim away the excess stabilizer,
but be very careful to not cut the
fabric. Also, trim any long
threads on the back of the
embroidery. Then, soak the
fabric in warm water to remove
the stabilizer. Refer to the
directions on the stabilizer
packaging to see how long to
soak. Blot the fabric with paper
towels and allow it to air dry.

Place the template back onto the
candle and tape it in place. Use
a pin to poke holes around the
design on the outer edges

Remove the template.
Then trim the fabric around the
design, leaving about 1/4 inch
to 1/2 inch of excess fabric.

Spray the back of the fabric with
permanent multi-purpose spray
adhesive making sure to cover
the outer edges.

Align the fabric on the candle
using the pinholes as guides.
Press the fabric in place, and
your candle is complete!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crazy Compass Quilt

I was wery excited, when I saw first time example of Crazy Compass Quilt.
From Art Embroidery Museum and Shop
Finaly I found Quilt designer! It's Hoopsisters. I made my Crazy Compass Quilt.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Sashiko Bags

One day I found this picrure in internet.

 (423x423, 32Kb)

I decided make similar bag and embroidered 17 squares.

 (700x525, 154Kb)

I made my first bag, which I had sold soon...

 (700x525, 99Kb)

I made a new bag. But I used a little bit different designs.

 (700x525, 98Kb)

 (700x525, 147Kb)

 (700x525, 154Kb)

I presented this bag to my daughter.

So, I need new one bag for my self. :)

Other idea for Square Bag I found in the Russian magazins "Wonderful Moments" №7, 2004:

http://keep4u.ru/imgs/s/2009/10/29/e8/e8c0af063e42643bb52acab8f98ddfc0.jpg[/IMG][/URL] http://keep4u.ru/imgs/s/2009/10/29/38/38a243ebcdd4ad793e1872062bca2934.jpg[/IMG][/URL] http://keep4u.ru/imgs/s/2009/10/29/35/3585c24f5b72f1fdebe864f9ebac6d95.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Putting Designs on Garments

Insights For Successfully Putting Designs on Garments

This project, while it doesn't show the classic templates method for positioning designs, demonstrates some other very important points on the way to create beautifully embroidered items. Pay attention to the elegant way of matching colors, and finding the perfect position for your designs on garment.

The tips below have been emailed to us by June Knobbe from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Thank you, June! And here they come, "as is".

Stitchinging Acorn Designs On Blowse

When I saw this acorn design, I knew I wanted it for one of my favorite blouses. It had that Old English look.

Placement was tricky. I always like to test sew out a design on similar scrap material first to see how well it sews and what the color combinations look like. Then I cut out the design and use it to help decide upon placement:

That along with lines drawn with a fabric pen that washes out is the method I use.

I'm not going to give a lesson here on how to hoop. The directions that came with your machine are probably much better than any I could give you. Plus each machine is different. I will give you a hint. If you are sewing a design around the neckline, I have found that for a blouse, if you hoop it upside down, and then flip the pattern, you don't have a lot of material in your way. Just make sure to flip the pattern. For this blouse, since it's stretchy, I used a thick stabilizer underneath. Since it has a slight nap I used a water-soluble stabilizer on top. I usually use a thin water-soluble stabilizer on top on just about every fabric. In my opinion, it makes the stitches stand out a tiny bit and looks more "finished" to me.

With only 4 color changes this pattern was a breeze to sew out. I put it on one side of the neckline and then reversed it on the other side. I changed the suggested colors to 3 various shades of brown, and a highly contrasting shade of green so that the design would show up. (Notice the cute little pattern on the tops of the acorns? I think this is a nice touch to this design.) Using the same thread color as the material is a very elegant look, but not what I wanted here. It always helps if you can visualize the look you want before you even begin your project. It doesn't always turn out that way but it's a good plan.

After stitching, I cut away the back stabilizer, and rinsed away the water-soluble stabilizer on top. I let it dry and it's ready to wear:

If you're curious about the design used for decorating this lovely blowse - it's from Decorative Ornaments collection.

Cutaway stabilizer and water soluble topping, necessary for embroidering on stretchy items like this blowse.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Embroidery Design

All designs are digitized and ready for you to use on your own embroidery machine. All main embroidery formats are supported. Embroidery services are also available for those without embroidery capabilities. All designs are sized for you needs.

My designs may be purchased as Design Packs or only Single Design.

To see a catalogue of the design pieces, please contact me at info@ArtEmbroidery.ca


Designs can be digitized from jpeg, bmp, png and other files. I do not use the auto digitize feature as it always fails to produce a neat product. Pricing ranges from $2 per 1000 stitches for clear designs to $3.50 per 1000 stitches for hand drawn design “ideas” that require more attention. Please email info@ArtEmbroidery.ca  for more information.


Any design can be stitched onto your fabric (that you have interfaced, stabilized, and marked) for $1.00 per 1000 stitches using rayon or polyester thread, $1.50 per 1000 stitches using metallics (no super-twist), and $2.00 per 1000 stitches for appliqué designs. Please email info@ArtEmbroidery.ca  for more information.


Many designs can be worked into a patch that you then can attach to your clothes. Usually I am using lace or appliqué embroidery techniques for embellishing. If interested, please email info@ArtEmbroidery.ca  for pricing.

How I Work

It is important to me that all clients, from the beginning embroiderer to the professional, are happy. I am able to fix files, trouble-shoot stitch-outs, answer questions, etc.

Please be aware that because of the digital nature of purchases made from me, there are no refunds. However, I will do everything in my power to make sure your order is exactly what You wont.

All personal designs will not be sold to other customers. But I have a lot of in stock designs to choose from.


I work closely with clients to ensure complete satisfaction with each design’s formatting and stitchout. I will size your design, manipulate design elements as you wish, change densities as needed for your specific fabrics, and send the embroidery files to you in a format that is compatible to your machine. I am available to discuss your ideas, answer questions about achieving great looking embroidery, to troubleshoot stitch-outs if necessary, etc. I can also do your embroidery for you.

When we have worked through your needs and questions, I will send an invoice from Paypal. When that is taken care of, I will email your designs to you.

If you are interested in having me do custom digitizing or embroidering, please email me at info@ArtEmbroidery.ca . 

Art Embroidery! The place to go for all of your embroidery design needs!!

Sewing and Crafts Show, Vancouver and the Valley, BC, Canada

I visited the Sewing and Crafts Show http://www.sewingandcraftsshow.com/ in Abbotsford Tradex April 17,2010

I found a few interesting embroidery and quilting ideas.

Look at:

All my pictures from Show : Sewing and Crafts Show 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hello everybody!

My name is Liubov Tabunidze. I am designer, digitizer and embroiderer.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!  I look forward to sharing my embroidery and digitizing  projects, my tools and my inspirations with you.You'll find helpful tips and ideas with project photos to keep your mind flying with possibilities. Plus I'll update this blog with good embroidery ideas from the internet.

My blog will look like a museum of embroidery.


You can contact me by:

E-mail: info@ArtEmbroidery.ca

Phone: 778-32-22-073

Liubov Tabunidze,
Maple Ridge, Canada